Business & Industry Visits: A Whirlwind of a Week

Each year the Nebraska FFA State Officer Team spends a week visiting our sponsors. We even posted pictures on the Nebraska FFA Foundation’s Facebook page or in the previous blog post . Here’s one reflection from Alix Mashino, 2012-13 Nebraska FFA President:

5 days, 20 amazing sponsors, and 38 business cards later, the 2012-2013 Nebraska FFA state officer team successfully finished up our first round of business and industry visits.

As a state officer, they told us we would be the connection between FFA members and our sponsors. This was one of the first times we were able to actually see this in action! After every visit, we left feeling extremely proud of being a part of the Nebraska FFA. Why? Well, each visit we were able to share stories of FFA members from across the state and their accomplishments. From what chapters were doing with their money from the I Believe campaign to our national star finalists, we never ran out of things to brag about when it came to our members. I’m not sure if everyone realizes it, but, Nebraska FFA’ers rock!

Something that we found to be so unique about the experience is that we got to visit all facets of the agricultural industry. When it came to the production agriculture side of things, we were able to experience through different sponsors everything, from the field where the seeds are grown all the way to the cooperatives that help distribute the grain once it has been harvested. Not all of our sponsors are directly related to production agriculture. Many of our visits were with groups that were more focused on promoting agriculture through communication. It is so awesome to see the diversity that our sponsors bring to the table!

The week we spent making business and industry visits was personally one of my favorite weeks as a Nebraska FFA state officer to date! To get to personally meet with those individuals who support Nebraska FFA was an amazing experience that I will never forget. To know that we have such great people who believe in what we are all doing makes me even prouder to be a part of the Nebraska FFA Organization!

Alix Mashino
Nebraska FFA State President


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