The FFA Jacket

This week, as we kick off our FFA Jacket Drive, we asked one of our student interns to give us her feelings about the FFA Jacket. Check out her story.


Jacket EmblemThe one and only blue corduroy jacket; to many people it’s just a jacket, but to FFA members a blue corduroy jacket is the very thing defines them.  As a former FFA member, I know all too well what this jacket means.

When I joined the organization, I honestly had no clue what I was in store for.  I was so excited to receive my very own jacket.  However, once my jacket came, I wasn’t all too thrilled.  Why?  It was made of corduroy.  Does anyone even wear clothing made of corduroy anymore?  This jacket definitely was not up to style as I thought it was going to be.  The first time I put it on, it felt like I wearing a cardboard box.  So, you could say this jacket was definitely not my favorite.

Once it came time to my very first LSE trip, I reluctantly put on my blue jacket.  Once my chapter arrived, everyone was wearing these blue jackets.  Though I did not understand why they were, I thought to myself, “You know, it’s kind of cool seeing everyone wearing the same jacket.”  Seeing everyone wearing the same jacket, made me feel special to be a part of something that is different from everything else.   Many more FFA events later, I began to grow very fond of this blue corduroy jacket.  At many of the events my chapter attended it was always so cold in the buildings.  Who would have thought that a corduroy jacket would be so warm?  Getting the chance to attend my first State FFA Convention had me more excited than a kid on Christmas.  I would get the chance to represent my chapter, wearing the one and only blue corduroy jacket.

Now, graduated from high school I look back at all of my FFA memories and most include my FFA jacket.  I now know the true meaning of the blue corduroy jacket.  This jacket is what defines the organization and makes it unique from any other out there.  Each jacket is equipped with the FFA symbol, state, chapter name and most importantly, the individual’s name.  Wearing this jacket not only shows support for your State Association, but your chapter.  Attending contests, members are proud to wear this jacket.  To members, this jacket symbolizes hard work, dedication, friendship and love.  These are all qualities built into to FFA members which are used for the rest of their lives.  This is no ordinary blue corduroy jacket; it’s one of the most important items instilled with memories and values that an FFA member receives.


We each have our own story and many memories of the FFA jacket, which help us hold close your our hearts. Do you have a story you’d like to share? Comment below or email it to

Are you interested in passing those memories on to an FFA member? Check out more information on our Blue Jackets Bright Futures program. Click on Contribute Now to donate to make your impact.


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