Excerpts from 2013 Jacket Applications

FFA JacketLast week, a selection committee chose those students who they felt were deserving of an FFA jacket. About 350 applications were received and, thanks to the generosity of many donors, 207 FFA jackets were awarded. We love to read about the potential in these students and rather keep their FFA excitement to ourselves, we thought we’d share with you. So, here are a few excerpts from this year’s student applications:

How will the FFA Jacket help you make an impact?

“To me, this jacket is not like any sports uniform you could get. It is a special thing to wear proudly and say that you are a member of FFA…This jacket will lead me into challenging competitions, new friendships and many leadership opportunities. It will show that I am a proud member of FFA to others and give me the opportunity to promote agriculture.”

“When people see me in my FFA Jacket, I want them to see me as not only a positive leader, but a role model. I want people to see FFA as more than just a school organization. I want them to see it as a way to prepare them for their future. I believe I can make an impact by setting a good example. When people see me in my FFA Jacket, I want them to think things like, “hard workers and ‘helpful.'”

What have you done or experienced in FFA since becoming a member?

“I have experienced life about farming and animals. I learned there is a system to water crops. I also experienced a little bit of picking vegetables in the garden outside the school. I got to pick up weeds on the garden. I got dirty doing that.”

“I started to make better decisions. I started studying and reading more books because I want to graduate college. I realized that going to school and making better choices is going to give me a better life.”


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