Teachers Focus on Animals at the 2014 CASE Institute

CASE, agriscience, agricultural education, FFA

Several agriculture teachers and a pre-service agriculture teacher participated in this year’s Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE) Institute hosted by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL). In the third year UNL has hosted the CASE Institute, the focus of this year’s Institute was Principles of Agricultural Science – Animal.

This course is foundation-level curriculum for agriculture education students. It engages students in laboratories and activities that explore animal agriculture, including history and use of animals, cells and tissues, animal nutrition, genetics, and animal handling among other topics.

Once an agriculture teacher has completed this 70-hour intense professional development workshop, they are certified to teach this specific course. Teachers practice teaching lessons, follow through with each lesson themselves and CASE Institute instructors determine if each teacher is adequately prepared to provide instruction using CASE curricula.

At the Nebraska FFA Foundation, one of our strategy areas is to support Nebraska agriculture teachers and with the shortage of ag teachers that we are seeing, it’s important for us to get behind initiatives like the CASE Institute. While this is a very valuable professional development opportunity for our teachers, it’s also costly. The Foundation is proud to partner with the Nebraska Soybean Board, CHS Foundation and the Nebraska Pork Producers to help offset the cost of this conference. We’re doing what we can to provide our teachers with tools to be successful in their profession.


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