Record Need for FFA Blue Jackets. Bright Futures. Program

Thank you for support ing the 2014 Blue Jackets. Bright Futures. program.On September 29th, the FFA Blue Jackets. Bright Futures. program selection committee met to review student applications. The Nebraska FFA Foundation was excited to receive over 640 applications this year. This is almost twice the previous years’ amount of applications!

You provided FFA jackets to 259 students as part of this years’ program! Thank you!  The committee saw a wide array of need and potential in these students, ranging from a rough home life, a strong financial need, and a desire and potential to do more in FFA.

I really wish you could all have the opportunity to read through these applications, so here are a just a few excerpts from the student applications and advisor statements. I think it’s clear that your support of this program will make a difference in their success in Nebraska FFA.

Excerpts from Student Applications:

“I currently do not have a jacket of my own, and had to borrow an unmarked jacket. My sister said I could alter hers so that it would say my name, but I would feel guilty ruining her jacket. I would like to have my own jacket to wear to events and show off the pins that I earn.”

“Everyone always thinks FFA is dirt and cows, but to me, it’s a great way to learn leadership. Even though I’ve only been in FFA for a little while, I’ve seen many peers becoming leaders that are in FFA.”

“FFA to me is learning about our surroundings. It will help me choose what my future holds. FFA also means to me that we the students hold the future of all agriculture jobs now because our population is growing so rapidly, so it is important for FFA to grow to fill all the agriculture jobs that are needed in the future.”

Excerpts from Advisor Statements:

“He has the drive to learn more about agriculture and how he can fit into the “ag” scene. He lives in town and doesn’t have a lot of opportunities to get more hands on learning for agriculture during the school year. But does help a grandpa during the summers at his farm. He needs financial help to purchase his FFA jacket. He wants to be able to dress the way every FFA member dresses in official dress. Receiving a jacket from the Foundation would allow him to have visible proof that he is an FFA member and can be a part of the agriculture industry through being a member of the Nebraska FFA Association.”

“He is being raised by a hard-working single mother who works two jobs to make ends meet. If he gets a jacket through this program it would allow him to have his own jacket, otherwise I’m sure he’ll have to wear one of ours. I think as he gets older some leadership skills will come out. I do think he has the ability to represent out chapter at state in the future in several CDE activities. I think FFA will be good for him, and the leadership it will provide will help round him out.”


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