FFA Members Go All Out! This Week

FFA-Week_Go-All-Out_VerticalFFA Week isn’t just about the fun it brings to local chapters across the country, but about keeping the tradition and continuing the legacy of agriculture education. The purpose of FFA Week is to bring FFA members, alumni and sponsors together to advocate for FFA and agriculture education.

“Learning to do, Doing to learn, Earning to live, Living to serve.”- The FFA Moto. This moto gives students and advisors the core foundation to why they are involved in agriculture. This foundation gives purpose to the importance of FFA week and the impact it has on local chapters and their communities.

FFA Week originally started out at FFA Day at the 1933 National FFA Convention in hopes of having a special Future Farmers Day in the future. This week long event takes place during George Washington’s birthday, in recognition of his memory and legacy of his agriculture and farming background. George Washington, born on a plantation in Virginia, was one to the first to create interest in agriculture throughout the 1700’s.

This year’s National FFA Week theme is “Go all out!” encouraging students to promote agriculture education and FFA. FFA Week provides many opportunities for chapters to create a variety of events to help “Ignite” a passion for agriculture, which was last year’s theme. These events can be hosted by students, alumni or sponsors in the classroom or in the community. Different events chapters have done in the past have been Ag Olympics, children’s barnyard, dress up days, newsletters, trivia competitions, quiz bowls, and morning announcements sharing information.

Over the years FFA Week has “Ignited” the passion of agriculture and encouraged many to “Go all out!” to advocate for agriculture education.

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