Aurora Cooperative Believes In FFA Members

Aurora Cooperative

The Aurora Cooperative knows the future of agriculture depends on FFA students. The Coop was started in 1908. They provide services and goods to their farmer-owners in four businesses. Those businesses include grain, agronomy, livestock nutrition, and energy. The Aurora Coop has been a sponsor for many years on the local level. They have been a sponsor on the state level for at least five years. The Aurora Cooperative is one of our Spotlight Sponsors this year for the Nebraska FFA Foundation.

The Aurora Cooperative believes that if students have the opportunity to be a part of FFA, they should because it is a great opportunity. Dawn Caldwell said, “Our observation of youth who are strong FFA members is that they possess a number of desirable qualities including good communication, respect of others, professionalism, record keeping, and responsibility.” She also said, “Often, the students who intern at the Aurora Cooperative were FFA members. We appreciate what FFA members bring to us in terms of fresh ideas. We also enjoy that they challenge us to be our best when we judge contests or make presentations.” They see that sponsoring the Nebraska FFA Foundation has a great benefit for their coop. They enjoy having the opportunity to network with FFA members from all over the state. They also are able to build relationships with FFA members who one day could be an employee with them or working for one of their vendors. The Aurora Cooperative is not only a great sponsor on the state level, but also on the local level. They try to go to classrooms to give lectures, support greenhouse projects, test plots, and other unique chapter projects. They work with Syngenta to donate FFA jackets to chapters in their area.

The Nebraska FFA Foundation would like to thank the Aurora Cooperative for their generous donations.


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