Nebraska Soybean Board Proudly Supports FFA Youth

Nebraska Soybean Board is one of our Spotlight Sponsors because of the great support they provide to Nebraska FFA. The Nebraska Soybean Board oversees the investments of the soybean checkoff to maximize profit opportunities for Nebraska soybean farmers. The Nebraska Soybean Checkoff receives its funds by collecting one half of one percent times the net sales price per bushel of soybeans sold in the state. The nine farmer directors then invest the money into research, education, and domestic and international markets.

NSB 2 Color Logo

Teri Zimmerman, Education and Outreach Manager at Nebraska Soybean Board said, “The Nebraska Soybean Checkoff proudly supports our youth in the FFA organization and agricultural education. By supporting FFA, we are enabling students to have the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in agriculture as well as explore careers within this industry.” They have funded the Nebraska FFA since 1997. They feel that it is important to support FFA because they want students to grow as leaders and continue to expand their knowledge of agriculture. The Soybean Board not only supports state FFA, but also supports local FFA chapters. They have held a statewide chapter video contest, protein and oil testing fundraiser for FFA chapters, sponsor the Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production Proficiency award, and many other activities. Zimmerman also said, “Today, more than ever, agriculture needs knowledgeable and skilled individuals to represent and share the positive message of our farmers, ranchers, and agribusinesses, and we believe Nebraska FFA is a big part of doing this.”

The Nebraska FFA Foundation would like to thank the Nebraska Soybean Board for their generous donations.



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