NIFA Reaches Out To FFA and Agriculture

Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA) is a premier sponsor of Nebraska FFA. Their purpose is to provide programs with low-interest rate financing to encourage the investment of private capital in Nebraska. They provide financing for many programs, such as; farm property, wastewater treatment and safe drinking water facilities, and homeownership. NIFA has a board comprised of nine members, which include; Director of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, Chairperson of Nebraska Investment Council, Director of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, and six public members appointed by the governor.

NIFA logo

NIFA chooses to support Nebraska FFA because they want to help beginning farmers and ranchers in Nebraska as their mission implies. Dudley Beyer, NIFA Agriculture Programs Manager said, “We believe donating to the FFA fits in with that mission as we reach out to the grass roots level of agriculture.” NIFA feels as though they benefit from FFA members indirectly by helping them to learn more about agriculture and become a better business person. They feel that this will help Nebraska as a whole. NIFA has been a sponsor to the Nebraska FFA Foundation for 19 years. They have a beginning farmers and ranchers program that is often used by FFA members. They sponsor the Governor’s Agricultural Excellence Awards.

The Nebraska FFA Foundation would like to thank Nebraska Investment Finance Authority for their generous donations.


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