DuPont Pioneer Recognizes Future Leaders


DuPont Pioneer knows that Nebraska FFA students will be leaders that will be able to lead the future agricultural industry. They recognize the skills that students develop through FFA programs. They especially recognize the agricultural science education taught in the classrooms that teaches them leadership skills, science skills, and practical knowledge learned through SAE projects. They believe that it is a benefit to support students because they want students to be able to have the entire FFA experience. Mark Deterding, DuPont Pioneer Commercial Unit Lead said, “Being a supporter of FFA allows us to help prepare the next generation of agriculturists and community leaders.”

DuPont Pioneer and their independent sales representatives support numerous local FFA chapters. They have provided local grants for many years to chapters. They have also provided more than $1,000,000 to support CASE (Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education) nationally.

DuPont Pioneer is a sponsor for the Nebraska FFA AgriScience Fair. They believe that being a sponsor of this contest is essential for students to have an understanding of the scientific side of agriculture. Deterding said, “We need innovative thinkers working for companies like DuPont Pioneer developing the next break through that will help farmers be more productive and efficient on their acres. The AgriScience Fair allows us to help inspire students to think of the many different ways they can work in agriculture. The innovative ideas developed by students in the AgriScience Fair show the amazing potential these students will bring to the industry.”

The Nebraska FFA Foundation would like to thank DuPont Pioneer for their generous donations.

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